Temping? Contracting? Take home your pay… plus peace of mind.

Be paid on time, every time, with no admin hassle.

  • Peace of mind.

    When you’re on a temp wage, it can sometimes feel a little insecure. We provide sick pay, paid holidays, a pension and maternity pay.

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  • Hassle free.

    Get paid on time, without any admin hassle, chasing your wages, or worrying about not paying the right taxes. Our friendly support team look after everything for you early til late.

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Could an umbrella company benefit you?

Paraplus is the UK’s friendly and efficient umbrella payroll company that ensures temporary workers and contractors are paid on time and enjopy teh same statutory benefits as a permanent employee.

When you sign up to Paraplus you essentially become our employee (under our umbrella if you like) even though you’re temping at other organisations. Once you become a Paraplus employee you’re eligible to receive statutory benefits such as paid holidays, sick pay and maternity pay.

From April 6 th 2016, one of the biggest changes to the way temporary workers are paid comes into effect under the 2016 Finance Bill. This new law will mean it will suddenly become illegal for the majority of temporary workers and contractors to claim travel and subsistence expenses**. Tax legislation is extremely complex and it can be easy to be caught out. Paraplus makes sure you’re paying the right amount of tax and not claiming for things you shouldn’t.

**It will be illegal to claim expenses if you:
personally provide services to another person are employed through an employment intermediary and are under (the right of) the supervision, direction or control of any person, in the manner in which they undertake their work.

Our dedicated employee care team are always on call from Monday to Friday 9am-5pm to provide continuous help and support, whatever your query.

How can a recruitment agency benefit from an umbrella company?

It’s not just temporary workers who can benefit from an umbrella company, but recruitment agencies too. Our umbrella company helps recruitment agencies payroll contractors in a hassle-free and transparent way. Our experienced team will implement a smooth process which ensures reduced administration and also maintains consistent compliance with AWR regulations and HMRC guidelines.

Some of the reasons to use Paraplus

  • Peace of mind

    When you’re a temp, it can sometimes feel a little insecure. We provide paid holidays, statutory benefits and a pension scheme.

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  • Hassle free

    Signing up with Paraplus means no more hassle, no more paperwork and no more worrying about HMRC tax compliance.

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  • Help & support

    Contracting and temping shouldn’t mean working alone. We’re here to offer you help and support whenever you need it.

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Some of the people we have helped

  • Paraplus is extremely friendly and always helpful. I was very impressed how easy it was to set up an account; Paraplus did everything for me and explained all the steps. I was signed up straight-away. Lena B
  • The online portal is so easy to use, and the mobile app helps me to keep track of my assignments on the move. I don’t need to worry about paperwork as all my historical records are saved too. Daryl F
  • Having recently started contracting, I didn’t want the hassle of setting up my own limited company. Paraplus takes care of all necessary tax and National Insurance contributions for me via PAYE. Jason P
  • As a Paraplus employee, I’m entitled to holiday pay when I take time off from my assignments, it’s not rolled up as part of my weekly wage like with some agencies, so I can manage my finances much better. Michael S

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