Paraplus – The Fair Umbrella Company.

Temping? Contracting? We'll make you more tax efficient, maximising your income!

  • Complete transparency.

    Our approach is honest, easy to understand and transparent.

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  • Maximum Income.

    We’ll maximise your income, cost free.

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  • Hassle Free.

    You’ll get paid on time, without the hassle of admin, HMRC paperwork or chasing client payments.

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Some of the reasons to use Paraplus

  • Claiming expenses made easy.

    Claiming expenses has never been easier! It takes just 5 minutes a week and you can claim via your mobile.

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  • Employee benefits package.

    With Paraplus, you'll receive all the statutory benefits of being an employee, including SSP, holiday pay and insurance cover when applicable.

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  • Easy to understand payslip.

    You'll receive an easy to understand, itemised payslip that clearly shows how your pay has been calculated.

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Some of the people we have helped

  • “Paraplus have helped me with claiming expenses, saving money and have really supported me whilst being a contractor.”

    Alex Anani
  • “Paraplus have increased my income in a fair and transparent way. The margins are very low yet there are consistently high standards, providing me with an excellent and hassle free experience.”

    Tom Docherty
  • “I’ve found Paraplus to be a great umbrella company, I’m very impressed. The best things about Paraplus are they’re honest, reliable and they care about their workers.”

    Dennis Marshall
  • “Paraplus payroll umbrella company have made contracting so easy, I would recommend them to all my friends. It’s been so beneficial for me, I’m sure it would be for other people.”

    Ryan Dyson

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