Could robots do your job?

A recent Oxford study has debated which jobs are most and least likely to be taken over by robots. So this raises the topic, as a freelancer or contractor, do you think a robot could do your job?

According to the suppositions of the Oxford study, telemarketers, insurance underwriters and…

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More than half of freelancers don’t understand their payslips

More than half of freelancers in the UK do not understand their payslips, according to research released today by Paraplus umbrella company. 56.5% admitted they don’t understand each aspect of their payslip, equating to more than 900,000 freelancers who could be at risk from HMRC fines or being incorrectly paid.

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Money and increased work prospects attracting UK freelancers

Nearly three in five freelancers cite the possibility of earning more money and getting more work as the main reasons they decided to go freelance.

A recent survey asked 2,000 freelancers in the UK about why they decided to go freelance and some of the challenges they face.

According to the…

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Top 10 Tips for Fitting in Quickly at Work

It can be difficult to fit in being the new person in the office. Between managing new job, networking with co-workers and making a good impression on your boss things can become overwhelming. Fitting in quickly is essential to feeling comfortable in you

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Dealing with Tough Colleagues

From time to time, you may come across a colleague that's dificult to work with. Spending 40 hours a week with them isn't always going fun but you can use these strategies to deal with any problems you may have.

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10 Ways to Make a Poor First Impression and How to Recover

With your career at risk in an interview, the pressure to immediately make a positive impression is intense.

Fortunately it doesn't matter what fails in your first impression, it’s about the way you recover. In fact, responding well and proving your calm under pressure could win over your interview.

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Why Blogs are a Great Way of Getting Freelance Work

Blogs have been around for sometime now, but every now and again people will declare that "blogging is dead", proclaiming that lengthy blog posts aren't interesting and people want short bursts of information as provided via micro-blogging channels such as Twitter. We all know this to be untrue, as

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Dodging Distractions at Work

Whether it’s an email, message, or phone call, we all face distractions in the workplace. After seeing an email pop up for the tenth time in a day, you could have already lost an hour of productivity. Unless you’re organised, this cycle isn’t going to stop.

So what are the top 5 distractions i

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Is Your Boss Worth 1.75 Employees?

A study has revealed that the average manager is now valued at 1.75 employees.Study reveals bosses worth 1.75 employees

Whether you’re insistent you do more work than your boss, deserve more pay or feel you have more of an influence, the results have spoken.

The study was pioneered by the National

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