How to make freelancing pay

As the flexible workforce in the UK continues to grow, finding work as a freelancer is becoming more and more competitive. How can you make sure to make freelancing pay for you? Read more »

Working as a contractor

Being a contractor can be a rewarding job. You can be your own boss, work flexible hours and determine how much you're paid. But what employment options are available to you?

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Filing your tax return: the most common mistakes

If you are a temporary worker managing multiple assignments, we understand than filing tax returns may look like a daunting process. With the deadline approaching Paraplus look at the most common mistakes and how freelancers can avoid them.

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How to set a contractor rate

How much to charge is a common worry for professionals who are just embarking on a freelance career. How can you get your contractor rate right from the start?
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How to make freelancing more secure

It has been estimated that by 2020, half of us might be working on a freelance basis. We have listed five ways in which you can make your freelancing career more secure. Read more »

Why professionals switch to a freelancing career

The number of freelancers in the UK has skyrocketed over recent years. What are reasons why professionals would switch to a freelancing career and could an umbrella company provide them with an initial sense of security? 
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