How to set a contractor rate

How much to charge is a common worry for professionals who are just embarking on a freelance career. How can you get your contractor rate right from the start?
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How freelancers can work smarter

At Paraplus we have looked at some of the ways freelancers could work smarter, including the use of software to stay productive and umbrella agencies to help with your administration.
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How to make freelancing more secure

It has been estimated that by 2020, half of us might be working on a freelance basis. We have listed five ways in which you can make your freelancing career more secure. Read more »

Why professionals switch to a freelancing career

The number of freelancers in the UK has skyrocketed over recent years. What are reasons why professionals would switch to a freelancing career and could an umbrella company provide them with an initial sense of security? 
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What do umbrella companies do?

If you are a contract worker or freelancer you may be wondering what an umbrella company is and whether you need to join one. Here’s what you need to know Read more »

How to make freelancing pay

As the flexible workforce in the UK continues to grow, finding work as a freelancer is becoming more and more competitive. How can you make sure to make freelancing pay for you? Read more »
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