Paraplus was formed in 2011 to improve visibility and compliance within the payroll umbrella industry, after mounting press coverage uncovering incidents of tax evasion schemes.

There are a number of payroll umbrella companies in the UK claiming to be “HMRC Approved”. However, this is not the case, neither has it ever been. Any umbrella company stating “compliance” should be able to prove that it has been independently audited by a reputable chartered accountant.

At Paraplus, we’re fully compliant with all relevant Government regulations including those relating to income tax, National Insurance and VAT. Our processes and procedures are audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to ensure we consistently meet the expectations of HMRC.

Here’s what else you enjoy with Paraplus…

  • Payment on time, every time
  • Your own personal portal page and an on the go app – so you can keep track of your wages, payslips and holidays
  • Guaranteed compliance to legislative and HMRC guidelines
  • No IR35 worries
  • An easy to understand payslip

To find out more

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