What makes us unique?

With over 4,000 temporary workers using our service, we recognise that everyone’s needs are very different. Paraplus is proud to offer a really tailored service.

Reason 1 - Complete transparency

You can be confident that you’re working with an honest, ethical payroll umbrella company. You may have seen the headlines about our competitors – stories of contractors left out of pocket, temporary workers receiving HMRC fines. We’re here to lead by example to the industry. We’re transparent, honest and most of all, we care about your wellbeing as a contractor.

Reason 2 – Ensuring you enjoy more security whilst temping

Paraplus is founded on a vision of transparency, honest and increased security for contractors. From our easy to understand payslips to added perks normally associated with permanent members of staff like sick pay and holiday pay, we’re here to help and support you.

To find out more

Simply give our employee care team a call today on 0844 846 0444, or submit your query using our online form.