What we do

Once you've signed up to Paraplus, it's a very straight-forward process:

You just simply:

  • Check your timesheet online

Whilst we handle the rest:

  • Invoice the client or agency
  • Work out your tax and NI contributions
  • Send your payments to HMRC
  • Detail everything on your payslip
  • Transfer your money
  • Make sure you know what’s going on and when

Once we have your timesheet, we will issue an invoice.


How many times have you read 'as soon as we receive payment we'll pay you'. That's not the way it works at Paraplus. We pay you on time, every time. You're our employee and we treat you as such!

Payslip transparency

With Paraplus, you'll receive an easy to understand, itemised payslip.

To find out more

Simply give our employee care team a call today on 0844 846 0444, or submit your query using our online form.