What we do

Paraplus is a payroll umbrella company for temporary workers and contractors.

Any temporary worker, if they are working on a series of temporary assignments, is allowed to claim some expenses tax free – if you have incurred the expense.

Not all agencies, or employers, are set up to process payments to you in this way, that’s why payroll umbrella companies exist.

We make sure we process your expenses and pay – in the most tax efficient way – while making sure you comply with all HMRC regulations. It’s easy, simple and, best of all, you’ll see the benefit on your payslip (and in your bank account) each week. We make our money from helping you do this.

There are five main benefits to using Paraplus:

  • We make sure you make the most from your income - by claiming your expenses with Paraplus, you’ll get the tax relief you’re entitled to. If you have expenses to claim, you will take home more money each week!
  • You become our employee – meaning that you can claim for statutory benefits like sick pay, holiday pay and maternity or paternity pay when you need them
  • You’ll also become a member of our employee benefits scheme that gives you both life insurance and personal accident cover and a free legal helpline. Take a look at some of the discounts you’ll get and see how much you could save!
  • You’ll have a dedicated Personal Advisor, for help and support, ready to answer any questions you might have
  • Finally, we’re keen to make sure we payroll in the right way. Our payslips are easy to understand, we keep copies of your expense claims and we always work to HMRC guidelines. We’re fair, ethical and transparent!
  • Working with Paraplus is really easy, it takes just 10 minutes to sign up and 5 minutes a week to claim your expenses.

    You will also get your own online portal in our website – MyParaplus – which works on computers, tablets and smartphones. It’s so easy to use!

    MyParaplus lets you check your pay, submit expenses and organise holidays wherever you are and at any time of the day.